About Me

Hello 👋 I'm Tim, better known as the server-side Swift guy! I've been involved with server-side Swift since the early days and am a moderator and maintainer of the Vapor framework.

Having previously worked in a number of different technology sectors, I left the BBC in 2019 to work on server-side Swift full time. I run Broken Hands which provides training and consultancy for server-side Swift to various companies - check out my Services and Training page for more information.

Working on server-side Swift full-time allows me to spend more time working on open source stuff to help improve Swift on the server. You can even sponsor me on GitHub to help me do this!

I'm also the server-side Swift team lead at raywenderlich.com, where we have a dedicated pillar entirely on server-side Swift, including articles, videos and book!

Finally, I organise a number of meetups and conferences around the world. I run NSManchester, a monthly meetup for all things Swift, iOS and macOS in Manchester along with Chris Winstanley. I also run Vapor London and Vapor @ WWDC - two sporadic meetups focused on Vapor.

Finally, along with Steffen Sommer and Martin Lasek, I'm one of the co-organises of ServerSide.swift - the annual international conference focused on server-side Swift. We've had speakers from Apple, Amazon, Slack and IBM and it's the one place where everyone from the community comes together.