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Like what I do? I spend that majority of my time working on server-side Swift open source stuff! If you would like to support me doing that, you can!

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Together with the authors of the Vapor framework and raywenderlich.com I've written the definitive guide for Vapor.

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Latest Posts

Working with Swift Packages

Learn how to work with multiple Swift packages and edit your dependencies in Xcode

The Future of Swift on the Server

Over the past 12 months Swift has seen some significant changes. The decision by IBM to step away from Swift has left many questioning the future of Swift on Linux and wondering if it's worth investing in. In this post, I'll talk about what the current landscape is and what the future holds.

How to set a custom working directory in Xcode

Setting your app's custom working directory in Xcode

A new home

Building a new website

Open Source Projects

I build a lot of open source projects for server-side Swift! Here are some examples:



A blogging engine for Vapor

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Vapor Security Headers

Vapor Security Headers

A middleware to add security headers to your Vapor apps

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Leaf Error Middleware

Leaf Error Middleware

Serve custom 404 and error pages in Vapor

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